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Southfields Primary School

Southfields Primary School

Video Resources

Training Videos

The NHS have made some training videos available to develop staff in supporting speech and language:

School-age training packages  
Use of Visuals  Use of Visuals 
Wonderful Words  Wonderful Words 
Understanding Spoken Language  Understanding Spoken Language 
Super Speech  Super Speech 
Stammering Part 1  Stammering Part 1 
Stammering Part 2 Stammering Part 2 
Blank Levels  Blank Levels 

Videos for Information

Developmental Language Disorder - 'the commonest childhood disorder you've never heard of'

Videos for Supporting in the Classroom

Mind Mapping

Using questions to encourage language (Blank Levels)

Using Communicate in Print at school

Using non-verbal communication in the classroom

Audio Support

Understanding Selective Mutism Podcast (part 1)

Understanding Selective Mutism Podcast (part 2)


From the Hub at Southfields Primary School

An Introduction to the Link Between Complex Trauma

Top Tips for Speech Sound Programmes

Cued Articulation

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