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Southfields Primary School

Southfields Primary School

Pupil Voice

At Southfields Primary, we think it is important that our children have a voice. Their ideas and thoughts help us to evaluate what they like about our school and to move things forward to make things even better. We have 'Head Boys and Girls' who have wider community work as well as a team of Prefects who support the school as a whole and meet after school each Friday to strengthen the school on Pupil-based projects and initiatives. 

We have different groups who meet regularly. These are: the School Council, Eco Team, CARES welfare team, Play Pals, Community Cadet, Marvellous Mathematicians, Digital Leaders, Interfaith Council, Science Professors, Charity Leaders, Sports Ambassadors and House Captains.

The 2023-24 Head Boys and Girls: 





The 2023-24 Prefects:

6KT - David  and Mylee 

6JT - Bella and Erin

6DM - Lukas and Laura 

5MA - George  and Alicja 

5RW - Thomas and Naveah

5EK - Alex I and Hanika

The 2023-24 House Captains: 











ROBINS: Alicja B


CARES - The School Pupil  Welfare Team 

Lower School:  Oscar S, Faith A, Lexi M, Francesca B

Middle School: Grace E, Olivia Rose C, Pixie S, Harlan P

Upper School: Mason A, Adriano K, Alek J, Elsie-May M, Layton G, David F

School Council

Every year, the children elect class council representatives who will speak and act for their peers at school council. The children prepare manifestos and deliver presentations during their campaign for election and voting is carried out privately and professionally.

The representatives for each class meet regularly with Mrs Urciuoli to discuss school issues, solve problems and find ways that the children can make positive contributions to the school and its community.

Lower School: Arthur M, Buddy S, Elliot F, Layla B, Sophia S

Middle School: Zuzanna W, Madison S, Emilio U, Keniah M, Harper-Mai D, Lola H

Upper School:  Hanika P, Isobel W, Vedansh P, Toby W, Luke P, Poppy-Rose C.

Interfaith Council

Lower School: Jayda K, Mathews V, Ricards B, Laila Y, Jasmin A, Adyan A

Middle School: Yatika P, Sachpreet S, Grace M, Dominiq P, Marieme K, Sodoba G

Upper School: Nathan S, Antonina K, Aun M, Aashni K, Maysie N


Lower School: Grayson R, Grayson D, Louie B, Joey M, Jensen O, Eduard C,

Middle School: Samual T, James L, Olly-Stephen R, Owen E, Marianna A

Upper School: Jaxson O, Faye S, Nathan M, Wuchecn W, Sebastian W, Bella Mae Z, Marcel S 

Oracy and Drama

Lower School: Ricards, Luka, Archie, Zayaan, Teigan, Zara

Middle School: Oriah, Madison, Ayda-Marie, Emma, Eva, Ruby

Upper School: Alex, Jacob, Melissa, Evie, Dylan, Laura


Lower School: Filip,  William,  Marks,  Roxy-Leigh,  Maimuna

Middle School:  Sarah,  Patryk,  Poppy,  Talyn,  Szymon,  Lewis

Upper School:  Nevaeh,  Piotr,  Rodrigo,  Franciszek,  Freddie,  Roxas


Lower School:  Jack,  Zofia,  Emily,  Liliana,  Beau

Middle School:  Mylo,  Tiger Lily,  Poppy-Rose,  Alissa-May,  Luca

Upper School:  Brooke,  Eviee,  Mason,  Alise,  Scarlet

PE and Healthy School

Lower School:  Samuil,  William,  Matthew,  Isaac,  Enzo,  Cristian

Middle School:  Lucas,  Joey,  Ahmed,  Isla,  Daemon,  Rico

Upper School:  Noah,  Bentleigh,  Martyn,  Tymon, ,  Isla,  Eimantas


Lower School:  Erika-Patricia,  Eryn,  Keitija,  Jacob,  Troy

Middle School:  Mia,  Noah,  Penny,  Bettie-Mae,  Cameron,  Sebastian

Upper School:  Sinead,  Cienna,  Amelia,  Isla,  Sofia

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