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Southfields Primary School

Southfields Primary School

Our Curriculum

Over the past few years, we have worked hard on our developing our curriculum and we are proud of its detailed content designed in a creative and engaging way. Please take a look at the topics we will be learning about during this Summer term:

Year 5 Spring Update

We had a fantastic Spring Term with lots of wonderful and memorable learning experiences. The children have made great progress and we are so proud of their achievements. The Year 5 children attended swimming lessons and had a fantastic time.

"I loved swimming. My strokes got so much better and I finally got my 25m!"

Year 5 Autumn Update

We had an absolutely amazing time in the Autumn Term. The children really enjoyed their learning and the extracurricular activities offered. Year 5 had a trip to the Pantomime at Christmas and in November, they were visited by the Royal Air Force and an Army Veteran.

"I loved having the RAF and Veterans visit us. It made me think about what people do for us today and how people keep us safe."

"Getting on stage and dancing with the cast was amazing! I felt like a star!"

In Year 5 & Year 6, the subjects in the Summer term are:

English - The Lost Happy Endings

Mathematics - Shape, position and direction, decimals, negative numbers, converting units, volume


Science- Living things and their habitats, animals including humans

PE- Badminton

RE- RE through art and music


History- What was life like in Tudor England?

Geography- Would you like to live in the desert? 


Music- Looping and remixing, musical theatre


Art- Mixed media- self-portrait 

Design and Technology – Bridges

Modern Foreign Languages – Meet my French family

PSHE- Safety and the changing body, citizenship and economic wellbeing

Computing – Programming

Year 6 Summer Term Topics

English - We will learn how to write a discussion based on their learning of Macbeth by William Shakespeare. We will also write a narrative based on Alma. Alongside this, we will revise key grammar skills to ensure their fluency is secure and that we can confidently apply this knowledge of grammar within written techniques.


Maths - revision of key concepts to ensure we are fluent and confident to reason mathematically and apply our skills to solve problems. Revision areas include calculations using the four operations plus fractions, decimals and percentages. Ratio and proportion, measurement, shape, area, perimeter and volume, statistics and position and direction.

Science - Electricity.

 History – the history of significant people.


Geography – carrying out fieldwork in the local area.


RE - How can we achieve peace? What makes a good person or a bad person?

Art - Sculpture and 3D: Making Memories

DT - Digital World: Navigating the World

Music - Pop Art & composing music

PSHE - Citizenship, identity, safety and the changing body

PE - Netball, Gymnastics & Athletics

French - Planning a French Holiday and visiting a French town

Computing - Debugging Codes & promotional videos

Curriculum Coverage

Attached below  is an overview of the curriculum coverage for both year 5 and 6. There are also collections of topic vocabulary that the children will come across throughout the curriculum. These make a great discussion point to help the children be fully prepared for their future learning.

Also there are details of the year 5 and 6 English curriculum and the statutory spelling words for the phase.

For more information about how we teach each subject, please click on the links below to be taken to the subject areas of the website.



All of our other subject areas can be found via our Curriculum page

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