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Southfields Primary School

Southfields Primary School

Maths Week England 2020

At Southfields, we took park in Maths Week England 2020 which is a Maths Festival celebrated in schools to promote a positive attitude towards maths.

Maths Week at Southfields amplified our curriculum intentions which is to promote enthusiasm, curiosity and a growth mindset towards learning. All pupils took part in team activities such as puzzles and problem-solving games to celebrate that Maths is FUN for everyone.


In Key Stage 1, pupils celebrated maths collaboratively to practise their maths skills through outdoor learning. All pupils use concrete resources to help them solve problems and enjoy maths games.


In Key Stage 2, each class received a special challenge in a gold envelope to work together to solve. The special challenge focused on the use of concrete resources to reason and justify their solutions verbally which is a particular focus of our maths curriculum as part of our approach to Mastery.


Additionally, there were pupils within Year 5 and Year 6 who completed the Primary Maths challenge. This involved a range of problem-solving questions and puzzles that develop deeper thinking and application of knowledge. 

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