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Southfields Primary School

Southfields Primary School


Teaching and Learning Leads

Headteacher - Mrs Martin

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs Steward

Head of EYFS - Miss King

KS1 Phase Leader - Mrs Ferrara

LKS2 Phase Leader - Mrs Hilton

UKS2 Phase Leader - Mrs Welsh

EYFS Curriculum Leader - Miss Prodrick

Year 2 Lead - Miss Newns

Year 3 Lead - Miss Mescall

Year 5 Lead - Miss Dooley

Year 6 Lead - Mrs Jones


Head of Inclusion - Miss Payne

Welfare Team - Mrs Yeoman and Mrs Burnham

Communication/HUB/Speech and Language

Lead - Headteacher - Mrs Martin

HUB Team - Mrs Magee and Mrs Pook

Sunshine Behaviour Team - Miss Andrews and Miss Radjenovic

Healthy Schools

EYFS Lead - Ms Martin

KS1 and KS2 Lead - Miss Smith

Pupil Premium  Mrs Kapler
Staff Governors Mrs Peacock-Millington and Miss Tawn
================================== ======================================

English Strategy Lead - Mrs Steward

English Team Leader - Mrs Welsh

EYFS and KS1 Writing - Mrs Welsh

KS2 Writing - Mrs Churchill

Reading - Mr Addison

Phonics - Miss Wilson


Mathematics Strategy Lead - Mrs Martin

Mathematics Team Leader - Miss Schofield

KS1 - Miss Ashton

LKS2 - Mrs Ferrara

UKS2 - Miss Schofield


KS1 Lead - Miss Tawn

KS2 Lead - Miss Dooley


EYFS - Miss Prodrick

KS1 and KS2 - Mrs Kapler

IT/Computing Mr Howlett

KS1 - Mrs Gibbins

KS2 - Mrs Hilton


KS1 - Mrs Gibbins

KS2 - Mrs Hilton

RE/Collective Worship Miss Mescall
PSHE/Wellbeing/P4C Miss Newns and Miss Tangl

Lead - Miss Smith

Team Members - Miss Tangl and Mr Aldous

Art Mrs Jones
Music Miss Maracine
Design Technology Mrs Jones
Modern Foreign Languages Mr Addison
================================ ================================
Assessment/Data Mrs Peacock-Millington
Attendance Mrs Yeoman

Mrs Andrews

Counsellor - Miss Radjenovic

Children's University Miss Maracine and Mrs Kapler
Clubs Mrs Dale
CPD Mrs Steward
Enrichment/M&N tbc
First Aid Mrs Arnold
Forest Schools/Eco/Sustainability Mrs Bennett and Mrs Brewer
More Able Miss Ashton
Personnel Mrs Dale and Mrs Bream
Resources Mrs Arnold
School Council

KS1 - Miss Wilson

KS2 - Mrs Hilton

SCITT/NQT Mrs Steward
Staff Wellbeing Mrs Harlow

EYFS - Miss King

Year 6 - Mrs Churchill

Trips, Visits and Visitors Mrs Afford and Mr Howlett



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